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My eight week old goldendoodle is such a sweet puppy until it comes time for her to go to sleep in her crate. we have scheduled time in her crate multiple times throughout the day, she gets in on her own accord sometimes but when it comes time to sleep she throws an absolute fit. not crying, not barking but all out screaming bloody murder. i have tried everything and feel like it’s never going to get better. i’ve tried luring her in with food, i give her cuddley toys, chew toys and bully sticks to chew. i have waited until she’s asleep and then put her in the crate. i have ignored her and let her cry it out. she doesn’t stop. i have tried to sit next to her crate without looking at or talking to her. that doesn’t help either. i desperately need some help, i am worried that she is getting herself too worked up when she goes on these extreme fits. any advice?

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