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Okay, I have had my puppy for 3 weeks now. She is a sweet 4 month-old who responds well to treats. She was a stray who was rescued after nearly starving to death but besides that I don’t know her background. She is such a smart, sweet, food driven girl, but… she HATES her crate. I have been using food to try and teach her that the crate is a good place (dog safe peanut butter and pup safe bully sticks are only allowed in the crate on top of treats or kibble). We also hand feed her most meals in there. I have been reading crate advise non-stop but we still can’t close the door without her immediately going to it and either scratching, whining, or yipping. Even in a dead sleep, the second she hears the door shut, she is up and out of the crate. The only time she “allows” it closed is when she is wearing the peanut butter and even then if she is not out immediately after she’s done, she gets really anxious. Our solution for bedtime is the crate opened up to a “pen area” next to our bed and even then, if she wakes up in there alone she whines. Lately, I have been sitting next to her crate on the floor until she falls asleep (not a big deal to me).
I know this takes time but I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to ease her transition and to make crate tracing as easy on her as I can. We live in an apartment so letting her “cry it out” makes me really uncomfortable since I don’t want to be a bad neighbor. I probably cave to easily but I have made sure to wait for a pause between whines, digging, or yips so she doesn’t think that behavior gets her what she wants. I know there are ways I could improve on this and any advise is appreciated, thank you!

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