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I have two german shepherd puppies, Aleu who's 10 months and Lycaon who's about to be 4 months. When we first got Aleu, she was already crate trained and looooved her bed/crate. Lycaon on the other hand, hates it sometimes. When he doesn't want to be in there and I cover up the crate with a blanket, he pulls it in and it can be frustrating sometimes. When im getting their food, they both wait in their crate while I get it ready. Ive always done this since we got Aleu. And she took it so easy. She knows to wait patiently until I open the door for her. Well Lycaon barks and barks like if he's crazy lol until he knows im going to him. Now when I go to him, if he jumps up and puts his paws on the crate, i turn away and then he'll bark and bark for like 5 minutes. We'll do this like five times. Finally once he's calm like 10 minutes later, ill let him out. He does wait for his food too so no issue there. Also in his crate, he seems perfectly fine to sleep in his pee. We take him out twice at night and yet his blanket is still peed on. Even during the day when I put him in his crate bc I have to tend to my daughter or something, I go back and its full of pee. He doesn't even let me know. Aleu was totally different and I get all dogs are not the same. I just don't know what I can do to fix this. We payed around 1800 for a trainer for him and she really didn't do much with crate training and potty training. Just the basics like sit, down, place which btw ive taught all that to Aleu so its not like I couldn't do it myself. Its getting frustrating and some days are easier than most, but on the hard days like today, I feel like my head is going to explode lol. Any advice would be much appreciated 😊

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