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I'm going to get my first dog in 8 weeks from now (the breeder wants to keep her until 10 weeks old), a GSD female. I've read countless articles about crate training so I know the theory, but I was wondering if the crate has to stay all the time in the same place. For example, is it a good idea to crate the dog in the living room during the day and move the crate in the bedroom for the night? Or if the weather is nice I'll have a lot of yard work to do so the puppy will be outside with me all day (got a fully fenced yard), should I just let her free in the yard all day or move the crate outside and continue the crate training like indoors?

After she is house trained I will install a dog door and plan to let her roam freely inside/outside so a longterm goal that is very important for me would be teaching the dog not to run in the street when the yard gates are open, especially not when I drive in/out. How should I teach this behaviour and starting from what age?

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