Corgi Puppy Fighting for Life. Need advice.

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Hi Puppy101 reddit community posting here out of desperation. I live in the Philippines.

Our corgi tested positive for CDV and the vet gives him a 50/50 chance for survival. He only had one 5 in 1 vaccine and ddnt get more due to having runny nose during his 2 vaccine scheduled date.

Currently the dog is on iv fluids plus vitamins and is on doxycycline. We are feeding our dog recovery food(royal canine) which has like a paste like consistency via a plastic syringe on the side of his mouth.

Given we have an IV drip going and giving him doxy, is there any reason to check him in a Vet clinic?

We feel that we can take better more close care of him at home. Also we feel that he would get neglected there and get ignored among all the dogs that are sick.

Is there anything we can do to help boost his recovery faster? Or should we just check him into a clinic?

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