Considering sending him away before someone is seriously hurt

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Our puppy, now 8 months old, has been difficult from the start. He’s always been mouthy play biting our hands which was annoying but we thought nothing of.

Then he was extremely aggressive and protective of his food, which we learned to mitigate by keeping our distance while he ate and tossing treats from our hand near his bowl.

Then he started fighting us at bedtime, which we assumed was because he was in a deep sleep and couldn’t handle being awoken so late. So we started taking him out and putting him to bed at 10, which worked great for weeks.

Lately though, he’s so amped up around 9:30 or 10 that he barks and won’t leave us alone. When it’s time for bed at 10, he tries to bite us and growls, fighting to the point that we’re barely able to close his crate door.

When I say aggressive or fights us in the paragraphs above, I mean he’s trying to bite us, baring his teeth, and growing and barking viscously.

Tonight might’ve been a turning point. When this bedtime episode happened we couldn’t get the door closed on his crate. So my SO suggested leaving the door open to see what happened. He soon came out growling, so we put him outside with the hope he’d cool off and have a more normal bedtime.

When we let him in, he jumped on the couch normally but didn’t settle. My SO pet him and gave him a treat with the hopes it’s make him happy.

He took one treat while standing on her lap and then attacked. He bit her several times and tried to bite several more. I eventually got hold of his leash and we were able to wrangle him into his crate.

I can honestly say I don’t love this dog. The kids do and he has his moments but as often as not he’s just a dick. He’s never really sweet or snuggly, hates to be hugged, tolerates but doesn’t like petting, and only seems to care about food. He barks obnoxiously, sometimes just to get attention and other times because he hears some distant sound.

Not sure what to do. Giving up and getting g rid of the dog would be a difficult family decision. But we also can’t have a dog attacking us from our lap.

It’s one thing if he attacks us, the adults- but I will harm that dog myself if he ever attacks the children like that. He’s only 18 pounds so not a mortal threat but he could easily scar a face with a well placed bite.

I can’t have it.

I’d say we need professional help but with COVID I don’t think we will have much luck finding it.

Seriously considering contacting the breeder to send him back. Anyone have a better idea? I’d hate to break the kid’s hearts.

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