Confinement anxiety?!

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I got a rescue dog 5 weeks ago. Spent four years in an outdoor shelter in Mexico because she kept escaping adopted home when there were thunderstorms. Super nervous but getting better. Big issue is crate training and I haven’t figured out the nuances. This has varied in the last five weeks but for the let 2-3 weeks has gone like this: goes into crate at 9pm without a peep. sleeps until 5:30 am then whines until we let her out. pees and poops pretty soon after going out but doesn’t seem like she’s bursting so I don’t think explains the whining. During the day will not go into the crate without whining within a couple minutes. tried 2-3 weeks of letting her cry it out with no effect. Now i’m trying to put her in the crate and walk in and out of sight for longer periods but it’s maxed at like three minutes because she will immediately stand and start whining, then eventually start scratching and get more frantic so I haven’t let it get that far. Thing is we have trained her to place and she will stay there even if we go outside for a few minutes at a time. No whining. Which makes me think it’s the crate and not so much the separation. but then she’s fine at night. gets twice a day exercise for 30-40 min a time so degree of exercise not an issue because otherwise she would whine at night too. tried leaving shirts that smell like me in crate. nothin. I don’t know what to do and I’m worried it won’t get better 🙁 Any thoughts?!?!

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