Cockerpoo Puppy – what should I know?

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We have just put our deposit down on a male cockerpoo puppy. We bring him home in 6 weeks time (hes 2 weeks old now). We have 2 kids, a 4 year old and 11 month old, the 4 year old is awesome, listens to me and is excited at the prospect of training a dog to sit, stay etc (his uncle has recently got a puppy and he loves helping yo train it). My 11 month old is too young to understand boundaries so I know there will be a lot of teaching her to be gentle with the puppy and leave him alone when he's asleep etc.

We plan on crate training when we leave the house (we won't be gone longer than an hour or so because I'm a stay at home mum and hubby is working from home at the moment) but the 4 year old wants him to sleep on his bed with him (we will put puppy pads in the bedroom).

Basically I just like being prepared. Please flood me with everything I should know, everything I need to prepare and anything I should buy.

Thanks in advance!

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