Clean up after your damn dogs!!!!

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So this actually happened last week but I’m still mad about it so I’m here to vent. Our shiba inu puppy is 9 weeks old. We had JUST brought him home a couple of days earlier when I, in my sleep-deprived, new-puppy zombie daze, stepped in a giant pile of dog poop walking from my car to my apartment. Thank god I take my shoes off close to the door, because I didn’t even notice the poop until my puppy started barking at the basket we keep our shoes in. I then FREAKED OUT about possibly tracking disease into the apartment and bleached the floor, cleaned my shoes in the tub, bleached the shoe, and then bleached the tub. I then sprayed disinfectant in the shoe basket and chucked my sopping wet shoe out onto the porch to dry.

Y’all, I was so upset. I live in an extremely dog-friendly area, so you would expect people to have common courtesy about common areas, especially in my tiny apartment complex!! It’s so frustrating that I’ve been so vigilant about researching and taking all necessary precautions to keep my pup healthy but because some knobhead didn’t pick up after his dog, my puppy could have gotten sick.

Luckily my poop shoe didn’t make my puppy sick (we’ve been to the vet since), but I wonder if he could have if I hadn’t noticed quickly and then deep-cleaned the apartment like a crazy lady.

Please pick up your dog’s poop. It takes 5 seconds and a pack of 100 doggy bags is like $12.

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