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We have a three year old Australian shepherd who is a great dog, however we can’t seem to stop her from chewing on blankets and pillows on our couch. She gets walks several days a week, we play fetch and chase inside, and she gets to run around outside multiple times every day. There are several rubbery and nylon bones laying around that she will chew sometimes, but she seems to especially love the experience of chewing on our soft pillows and blankets. I don’t buy her soft dog toys because she eats the fabric and I’m afraid it will cause an intestinal blockage. Countless throws and pillows have been destroyed by her over the past couple of years and no matter how much we scold her or redirect her to a bone she still seems to chew on couch items when we’re not looking.This usually happens when we are doing something for an extended period of time in another room like watching a movie or doing some work from home. Any ideas??

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