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4m/o GSD x puppy is teething and doing a lot of barking. She's been pretty good about not chewing on things she's not supposed to, but she's very destructive with her toys. I realize that comes with the territory, but it often means we have to take her toys away within a few minutes of her settling in with them because she's managed to rip through it. And it takes a long while to get her to settle, I'm assuming because at least some of the time, she's bored.

We've gotten some toys with no stuffing so we don't have to be as concerned, but she'll still chew at the stitching and next thing I know she's got a chunk of fabric in her mouth. We also have a kong that we give her frozen with peanut butter, especially if we're going to be out of the house.

I got a puzzle feeder, but she's kind of finicky about eating anyways so that has varying success unless we use exclusively treats which I don't want to do all the time.

We don't have a fenced yard to let her run free outside and it's been very hot, eliminating walks aside from first thing in the morning or at night.

So I guess a couple questions- 1. Am I being too concerned about using treats as much? 2. Any particular suggestions for things I can trust her to chew on, aside from a Kong? Once it's either not cold or doesn't have any treats left she's not usually interested.

PS. Just wanted to say I really appreciate this reddit, I got a lot of good advice with my puppy blues post and I love reading through the things people are dealing with / learning from.

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