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We just brought home our 11 week old German Shepherd pup Kylo, he's actually doing great on just about everything but our biggest problem is with chew toys for non supervised alone time in his kennel.

We've tried kongs, he licked for about 10 seconds then gave up without a shot at chewing it.

We have standard nylabones, it seems there too tough, He loves chewing on soft wood like baseboards of doors and the nice bowel stand we got him so we got him some of the softer "Puppy" nylabones and he loves them… problem is he DESTROYS THEM within 15 minutes or so as they are too soft. Definitely a no no for alone time as its a huge choking hazard and they are non edible.

So do you guys have any reccomendations for chew toys that are soft enough for him to sink into whilst teething, but durable enough to not become a hazard?


Pic of Kylo during his bath the other day for good boy reference.

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