Change in nighttime routine with seasons?

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Do you guys change your nighttime routine around water intake for puppies as the weather changes? Until the recent heat wave, the routine we had worked perfectly. He got dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime. Water was available until an hour before bedtime when we put it away. We would take him out to pee one last time and then put him in the crate with the door open. One of us would sit with him until he fell asleep, then close the crate and walk away.

Now with the heat wave he definitely drinks more water (and pees more 😁) during the day. We still put the water away an hour before bedtime. He doesn't complain until after the last potty run. Instead of settling in his crate, he pants, barks, etc. Yesterday was the first time it happened and I caved and gave him water in the crate. He still panted for a while after having his fill but eventually fell asleep. Well now he is doing it again and I am lost. Should we make it a habit to give him water in the crate and risk an accident? Stay firm to the "no water an hour before bedtime" rule? Help!

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