Car seats For small dogs!!

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I’m picking up an 8 week old toy poodle soon and trying to build a collection of gear while I have time. I’m currently looking at car seats, as I plan on taking her pretty much everywhere.

She’s not going to get any bigger than 5 pounds, so I’ve had a hard time finding a car seat suitable. She’s fine to travel in her crate for now, but I’d like her to be able to move to a car seat if possible.

I don’t feel comfortable with the safety harnesses.. worrying about her hanging herself over the edge of the seat would be a distraction for me. I think a car seat would help keep her in her seat better.

Kurgo, sleepypod seem to be popular on here, but they aren’t rated small enough She doesn’t need to look out the window or anything special, just an ~affordable~ car seat that would be safe for such a tiny doggo. Does anyone have any suggestion?

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