Can we teach our puppy to be gentle with another dog?

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We currently have two pit mixes, 3.5 yr and 4 mos, both female. We adopted the puppy last month and they're the best of friends. My only issue is that the puppy nips and bites A LOT. It gets to the point that our adult sometimes ends up with scabs all over her neck and the side of her face.

The worst part is that our adult doesn't mind. They have always played well together. We haven't seen any hint of aggression, they don't even growl unless it's tug of war. Whenever we have to crate the puppy, the adult will lay by her cage and try to keep playing. I never got the impression that she was ever trying to "escape" from the puppy. So, if neither of them mind the rough play, is there anything we can do?

Also, the puppy has learned to play nice with us. She knows what it means to be gentle, but she doesn't apply that to dog-dog play.

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