Can anyone relate to this or know the reason why it happens?

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We have a new pup together with my girlfriend. Due to corona virus I am working from home. I spent the most time with our puppy. I walk with the puppy 5-6 times a day, do training exercises and give him food.

However puppy is randomly standing around 5 p.m everyday in front of the living room door waiting for my girlfriend and making crying sounds in the living room. She comes around 5.30 p.m home and when she is at home our puppy is following her all the time and no attention to me. This also happens in the weekend when she is at home, wherever my girlfriend walks our puppy follows. Puppy is also mostly biting only me? It's really frustating that puppy is whole day long biting and 90% he bites me. Is it a form of playing, mostly he chews my fingers but in the evening the biting is getting worse then you can feel his teeth on my skin.

Anyone know the reason why? Does the puppy makes a difference between man/female. Female as in a mother figure?

Looking forward to your messages!

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