Calcium and large breed puppies

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We adopted an 8 wk pup about a month ago and he is a lab/mix. For the first couple weeks we had him on a regular puppy food, until we took him for his boosters and the vet recommend we put him on large breed puppy food to support his growth. He’s already a pretty small guy for his breed, but growing steadily.

Anyway, the poor guy tested positive for Coccidia and unfortunately had an allergic reaction to the sulfa based med we gave him. So he had to get a steroid shot and then we had to wait an extra week to treat for his ponazuril meds to come in.

His ears have gone from floppy to a cute quirky shape and have to wonder if they were supposed to be standing this whole time? From what I’ve read, steroids, parasites, and a low calcium diet can affect the way their cartilage develops.

We are not planning to tape his ears or do anything to him of that nature, really just curious on how these early environmental factors are affecting him and if the ears could have any indication of health and lifestyle changes we may need to make.

Here is a progression of his look, I think it is funny his ears don’t know if they want to be lab, or be a husky

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