Bully Sticks- How do We Feel About Them???

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Hi all! I am trying to think of things to give my puppy to distract him once I go back to work. (I will work about 9-10 hr day including commute— I am looking into coming home for lunch and asking someone to let my pup out later in the day. I have a 5 month JRT mix) Today I bought a single braided bully stick and my dog was so distracted by it! I left him for about 45 mins to do an errand and came back to him being perfectly fine while I was gone!

But after researching more about bully sticks, they seem dangerous!? And I immediately felt terrible for leaving my pup alone. He is fine, but I’m reading 50/50 on how people feel about them. Anyone feel like sharing their thoughts on bully sticks ? Or if anyone has other recommendations?? For my pup to chew/be distracted while I am going for 3-4 hrs

I do have a KONG, and am thinking of preparing a stuffed one… I’m guessing I’ll need more than one? What do you put in your KONGs? I was originally thinking of putting the bully stick in there but now I’m torn- help??

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