brothers border collie too skinny?

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we've just had my brother in laws pup dropped off to our house, i'm not sure how old he is but he's less than a year old. we got him because brother in laws, girlfriends, mum didn't want to take care of him anymore while brother in law and his gf were in europe.

we dont mind taking care of him. my brother in law has been away for five weeks and gets back next weekend but while playing with the pup i noticed that he's really, really skinny. i can feel all of his ribs, he's almost awful to pet. i can feel all down his spine and it made me sad.

i've never owned a border collie, we have a five month old japanese spitz pup who is nice and plump. but im sure that if i can feel all of his bones he must be too skinny right?

i have no idea what to do, i gave him dinner and it was gone in two seconds he attacked it like he was starving but then again, he is a growing boy. so i gave him some more dinner and it was gone in two seconds.

he's very active and playful, but im just concerned that the lady taking care of him while my brother in law is away hasn't actually been taking care of him at all..

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