Boyfriend’s puppy goes nuts whenever he sees my puppy

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My boyfriend and I got us each a puppy at around the same time (bad idea I know 😶) they are a week apart in age, and we have been keeping them separated the whole time we've had them except for 2 total times for little play sessions. My girl is 9 weeks old, his is just over 10. My girl is an Akita, so while she likes playing with other dogs, she starts to get annoyed with them after 15 minutes of play, but my bf's dog is super clingy to everyone, but especially her, he trains and listens just fine, but the moment I pick her up out of her crate to go potty or play in another room, he goes ballistic. He will cry at the top of his lungs and is uncontrollable while she just ignores him. We try everything to get his attention away from her, toys, treats, going in another room out of sight, but he completely ignores everything and cries on. We never let him get to her when he's like this. He is a low content wolf dog mixed with malamute/gsd/husky. Any ideas why he's like this? And what we can do about it? Our family here has another dog but he doesn't have nearly the same reaction to him.

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