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I have a Border Collie pup who's 10 weeks old now (home for a week and a half). I was fully prepared for lots of play time, braving the crappy Ontario weather and training practice to make sure she gets her energy out. What I didn't expect was a puppy with almost no interest in toys when we're outside. The only way I seem to be able to get her to get going outside is to run away and let her chase me but she's overexcited and wants to nip at me whenever I let her catch up. Her tail is wagging while she does it but this often involves nipping too hard, jumping up and sometimes some growling vocalization.

Since this seems to be her favourite game I want to keep playing to get her energy out (not getting her energy out is asking for a bad day). But I'm worried I might be encouraging bad behaviour with this if I don't correct her reaction when she catches me.

In general I have been working on bite inhibition with the ouch method to make her know the nipping hurts. We've made good progress with this in other indoor games. But after chasing me she tends to backoff for a second then go right back to the too hard nipping. There's also not really a good way to do a 30s timeout outside.

With the jumping up and growling I have been able to make her stop by giving her the sit command. But again she goes right back to it after I release her.

I'm also worried encouraging her to chase me might make her want to chase lots of people or my cat (who she's been good with so far).

Any advice on the best way to approach this?

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