Blind dog ( 8yo) fighting with puppy ( 2yo) Need help sorting it out ! Long post sorry

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We have a miniature Jack Russell ( very passive and well trained ) who went blind at approx 6. We got a puppy (Bichon Frise x jack Russell we think) which was unplanned but we figured it would keep him company. Both are males and not neutered.

Now they got on great for the first 12-18 months few squabbles but no fighting between them.
Then I'm assuming as the puppy ( George ) started to become an adult, his hormones changed and he stopped backing down or being submissive when the older dog (Bambi) was growling, etc.

This would never argue over food or which one of us was giving them attention. The first few times they fought were over tug toys. the blind one was trying fixing his grip on the and latched onto the puppy. The pup obviously not happy with his snout being clamped onto started to fight back.. just escalated from there the few times that happened – solution – no more playing with tug toys.

From this, we did note that the older blind dog didn't want to let go, he's well trained so definitely does know what hes being told to do.

To separate them, it was us pinning both dogs until they let go. Stopping them from ripping at each other. we tried to pull them apart once or twice but it tore their skin where we pulled em apart.

It changed from only fighting when playing to the blind dog going rigid and his hairs up in the hall when the pup was coming, then if the pup moved past him, the blind one would look to latch on and start another fight. Both dogs not letting go – we left them once fight it out, which lead to 2 bloody dogs 10 mins later with us having to step in.

Faught a few times when out in the park playing, the sighted one will lead the way, the blind one will chase/follow him ( playing / just running ) but if they bumped into each other, they will start off and again won't let go/ the blind one is the last to let go.

It has gotten to the stage where they would fight 2-3 times per week around the house, with the blind dog were assuming feeling threatened by the puppy and his only option is to get the first bite in cos he cant see, the same reason he won't let go – it's his only way of knowing where the puppy is.

Now they always slept in the same room, we had 2 beds for them but the older dog would always move into the bed of the pup for the warmth/cuddle. If they were not fighting they would be all caring/loving each other. but this doesn't happen anymore. They are fine with other dogs/people. Its literally just each other.

We have them all the time separated now in different parts of the house, and they're not left socialize with eachother at any stage. Its to costly to being em to the vets after fights if theyve a gash or a wound that wont close by iteself ( we mind all of the more minor issues)
My next option with the dogs is to muzzle the 2 of them and see do they start at each other, or neuter the 2 of them. ( my partner does not want to neuter the older dog as it may change his personality , going to be v hard to change her mind ) neutering the pup neither of us mind.

The puppy is being visually submissive, avoiding the older dog, or bowing/moving away when growled at, but the older one cant visually see this. Will cutting his balls off change anything with the pup? As far as I can tell he doesnt start any fights, but being bigger now and sighted , hes doing damage to the blind one.

If anyone has anything they could suggest / have had experience with , any advice would be of great help !!
Sorry for the long post, but its tough to explain!!


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