Biting, growling and wriggling when picked up

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I have a 4 month old pomeranian puppy. I try not to pick him up unless I absolutely have to but I always give him a treat to chew on when I do have to pick him up and usually he is fine with being picked up.

The main instance when I have to pick him up is to take him outside to go to the toilet. He cannot yet climb out of the door (whichbus slightly raised) or back inside since he isn't tall enough and also he can't get down the step outside the back door. Also, sometimes it becomes clear he is about to pee inside and I have to grab him before he does and take him outside. Even when he isn't showing signs that he is about to pee, if he is due to pee it is risky to count on him to follow you to the back door because 1) Most of the time he will decide not to follow and 2) Often he will pee and then follow you or pee on his way to the door. So he does have to be picked up to go outside quite a bit.

Anyway, sometimes he has a huge negative reaction to being picked up. It generally seems to happen when he is over tired. He will thrash and growl and snap at your hands. This isn't just play biting either, it's aggressive.

What should I do when this happens? I've heard that it's bad to give in and put him down as then he will learn to do it again but could continuing to hold him when he is so distressed make him grow to hate being picked up even more?

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