Belly Bands while Housebreaking

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I have a 4.5m old Aussie. Great pup. I know he can "hold it" because he does so all night and does so for hours at a time when he is in my office on a hardwood floor. But when he's on carpet, he'll pee. Even if he just peed outside, he'll sometimes pee on carpet. We're working on that.

But until we get it fixed, I have to keep an eye on him at all times. I suspect my carpet and rugs are saturated in places I haven't seen. I don't want to crate him all day, but I can't watch him every moment.

So I'm thinking of putting a belly band / diaper on him while he's in the house and when I can't be watching him every minute. Before I do that, I'm wondering what the downside is. Any thoughts?

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