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For some background info: My partner and I have had our pitty (Mister Bean) around six months now, and he's almost 4 years old. When we first got him, we were all living in a studio together. It was a tight space, but it worked. We learned in this time how stoic he was, and wanted to help train him to be vocal about potty time. So, we got a simple bell loop to go around the front door handle, put in the good work, and a few weeks later he had gotten the hang of it!

Fast forward to a few months ago. We stayed at partner's grandparents' guest house for a month while looking for a new place. It was honestly a bit smaller than the studio. (In our haste of moving we hadn't brought the bell with us.) After that month we moved to our current, much bigger, two story condo. We were busy literally from the second we woke up to the second we went to bed, and became lazy with him. We waved him off when he rang the bell sometimes. "Just wait buddy, I'll take you out in a little bit." (Heed my warning and pls never make this ridiculous unnecessary mistake we did. Just take them potty when they ring the bell!) When doing this, still made him ring the bell when we actually took him out, because we thought that would keep the idea in his head. He also just generally seemed hesitant to ring the bell by himself without us near before we starting being lazy about it. Unless at least one of us was down stairs or on the way down, he wouldn't ring it.

Fast forward to now: he doesn't associate bell with potty time anymore. Or so we thought! He now only associates it with potty time when we are ready to leave (standing in the foyer, shoes on, etc).

Now for the question(s): Can anyone point us in the direction of retraining him the bell? Should we completely restart from step 1? Are we going to need to try a different method because we untrained him out of this behavior? I also bring up the size of where we live, because he doesn't seem to think we will respond unless we are in close proximity to him like in the studio. However I'm not sure if that is more to do with house size vs. us not responding to him ringing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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