Being critical of puppy: Coronavirus

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We all know our puppies will never be perfect, and even when they grow into older dogs they will still have their quirks. I have a 4.5 month old girl that has progressed so far and is making great strides.

When she does something 'bad', such as peeing inside it can be very frustrating to the point that I sometimes that I am a bad human for getting mad (yelling or pulling her out to pee quickly outside). It's incredible what the anger emotion does after it's been let out.

We're also among the coronavirus pandemic, so schedules are out of wack, I am home more, etcetc. which explains re-adjusting for her and also for the humans in the household.

How critical are you all being with your dogs considering this change? Please give me some words of encouragement about not expecting the dog or myself to be perfect in this time. We put too much pressure on ourselves to have that perfect dog we always dreamed about, but this takes time and a lot of concentration that I am balancing with work and with life.

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