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So our 2.5 year old German Sheppard/ irish wolf hound mix has been boarded twice recently. We boarded him at the same facility he goes to daycare once a week some times more. At daycare he has never had issues and plays well with dogs and staff. However the first time we left him overnight he jumped another dog and got in a fight cause the other dog obviously wasnt cool with it. He was there 5 days over the holidays and otherwise was ok. This this last time he was there for 10 days. We wernt called as we were out of the country. When we picked him up we found out he is on the one on one list not allowed to play with others because after we left him over night he started fights and humping again. He is adopted and we believe was abandoned but we arent sure what to do. It doesnt seem to happen untill hes been there overnight. Were not sure what to do but also want to try something because we sent him to daycare mostly to socialize while my husband and I both work. We also go to the park and other places for socialization but the daycare is consistent. Any ideas? O should we let them keep him on 1×1

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