[Behavior] 2 months old puppy ignores me

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The puppy's parents, who are owned by a friend, are a german shepherd mix and recently had a litter of puppies. He decided to give them away to his pals and I got one as well.

The problem is that the puppy seems somewhat distant. He doesn't respond to calling but has no problem with you petting him, he even seems to enjoy it, but he won't go out of his way to get petted.

For the time being he is still living with my friend and I'll take him home in the next couple of weeks. I'm visiting daily and playing with him but so far nothing changed. My friend said he's only active when he feeds him and socializes more with his dog parents than with other humans.

I assume part of the problem is that my friend tried to keep socializing to a minimum as to not get attached to the puppies before giving them away.

How should I proceed?

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