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I’ve had my 4month old puppy for 3weeks, and bedtime has been the hardest time, which was partly my fault because his first few days I let him sleep on the bed. I just couldn’t take the crying whenever I put him in the crate! But I kept working on it and about a week and a half ago he finally started being ok with it. I would tell him to go to his “room” and he would go inside the crate but I still had to sit by him until he falls asleep. These past few days though, he started not making a big deal of me closing the crate door. And in the 15-20mins that I’m in the bathroom, he would try to get comfy, play with a toy for a bit but mostly just sit and wait for me. Once I’m done and in bed (his crate is next to it), he waits til I say goodnight and he turns and goes to sleep. I find it so amazing that he now waits patiently until I’m ready for bed without so much of a fuss and goes to bed when he sees I’m ready, too. If you just got your puppy and crate training feels like a lot, I just want to say, it gets better!!

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