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Hi, Everyone! I need some help. I have a 2 year old 70lb female lab/rottweiler/pitbull mix "Wren" and a 3 year old 70lb male boxer/husky mix "Donovan".

Both dogs were adopted by my husband and me when they were just a couple months old. Both dogs have gone through puppy and intermediate training and are really good dogs. They are huge love bugs and are great with dogs and people even little babies. We take them on walks and to the dog park often along with having friends come over with their dogs for play dates.

The issue I'm having is Wren, about a year ago, was at the dog park playing with a frenchie and she grabbed him by his neck and started thrashing. Obviously we made her stop ASAP and the frenchie was okay just spooked. She hadn't punctured his neck or thrashed hard or fast enough to do any obvious damage, but we of course were horrified and followed up with the owner to make sure the dog was okay.

We kept a better eye on her after that but there have been 4 more instances where she has gotten too aggressive. She hasn't done the thrashing but she will get really focused on a small dog (it's always a small dog) and an altercation happens where she is growling and sometimes grabs their neck/scruff. She NEVER punctures the skin or draws blood of any kind, but it's obvious that it's no longer play and she mainly scares the dog, and the owner, and us.

We've worked on staying right with her as she plays and breaking up any play that seems to be getting her too excited, we've had her not play with small dogs, we've done time outs at the park, we've reminded her to be gently. It works as long as we are right there, but she has gotten away from us a few times and that is when the other occurrences have happened. We don't want to keep her away from other dogs, because we think that would just make it worse, but aren't sure what to do.

We monitor her play with her brother and they both sometimes grab each other's scruff and run into each other hard, but it's always clearly play and they've never even yelped or shown signs that one of them hurt the other. Same with their dog friends who come over, the pack of 4 dogs play and play sometimes a little rough but none of them have ever complained. 2 of her best dog friends are female too so I don't think it's a gender thing.

I don't know what is causing her to act that way at the dog park or how to prevent it from happening or if I should just stop taking her. Her brother is the sweetest guy ever and wouldn't hurt a fly so I don't know where we went wrong in raising her since she clearly has a prejudice towards smaller dogs or something. Besides this, she is the sweetest dog in the world and just loves giving kisses and snuggling. It's like she's not even my sweet girl when I see her behave that way. What do we do??

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