BC/kelpie/aussie owner experiences?

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I have a 1.5yo Dachshund/JRT mix, she's the first dog I've raised all by myself from puppy. She was a little terror through puppyhood and then adolescence, but has mellowed out and is pretty reliable and has no problems with the typical day to day things like potty training, leash walking, public places, social situation, staying home alone etc. She's still very excitable and energetic, but with adequate mental and physical exercise, she's doing good.

I've been thinking about taking in another puppy, probably around 2021 summer. I've been leaning more and more towards breeds like kelpies or bordercollies. However, I would love to hear from people who own these or similar energetic/working breeds. How was your time through the puppyhood, did you feel like you bit more than you could chew, did the energy levels match your expectations, did you have experience with dogs before? I guess I'm just trying to gauge if I would make a good home for a pup from these kind of breeds, or if I should look at something else.

I hope this fits here, even if it's not quite directly training related!

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