Barking/jealousy aggression (two different dogs)

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I’m sorry the title isn’t very helpful, but we got a Great Pyrenees puppy about 5 months ago now, and I’m having a few issues that I’m not sure how to deal with. Firstly, she barks a LOT. We have another dog, a GSD/wolf/mix and she almost never barks or howls. It’s driving me crazy. The puppy just goes outside and barks at everything constantly. Sometimes she just goes out and barks at nothing! I live in a neighborhood and I’m concerned about neighbors getting upset and potentially calling animal control or trying to just straight up poison her. I’ve already found a ball of peanut butter/peanuts that I didn’t give her that she was chewing on. My husband wants to get an electric collar and I don’t agree with it but I don’t know how to make her stop. I told him he needs to be consistent with which command he uses to try to make her stop barking but nobody in the house is because you end up yelling at her for a few minutes with every command you can think of before she finally stops! And the minute you close the back door she just starts up again! She’s like a sassy teenager. And because of her barking at neighbors my other dog has taken it up but the problem is, she doesn’t know how to bark and she ends up literally screaming at them. It’s the most embarrassing thing. I had to run out in my pajamas the other day because she was screaming at the neighbors and once the GSD mix starts she does NOT stop. She has a one track mind and won’t be recalled or let you catch her. The people finally went inside.

Secondly, the GSD mix is a female, and she gets aggressive with the other female puppy over my attention. I thought maybe petting her and then the puppy and then treating would help but whenever I get treats out she just focuses on those alone and I don’t feel like she’s learning anything. She likes treats more than she cares about me petting the other puppy when there’s treats around. But when there’s not they sometimes literally get into a fight. And since the GSD mix started doing this the puppy has gotten more aggressive back to her, like the puppy is not taking her shit anymore. The puppy backed down the first few times but now she keeps it going after I break up the fight! They are fighting much less than when I first got them and they never bite down but it gets scary and our friend’s kid got in the middle of it last time. I can’t keep having them do this. It’s scary. They’re two big dogs.

Please any help would be super appreciated!!

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