Barking/growling to strangers and puppy pees on the same spot.

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These are the only two "major" problems with my 5 month old white shepherd puppy.

first the barking and growling.

She was scared of humans when we got her and now she doesn't care if someone walks past her but if someone stops to talk to me or her, she starts barking and growling if they don't have a dog with them. She will bark and growl but doesn't show her teeth, gets spooked easily and what ever i try to say to her she doesn't hear or see me and me trying to move her focus with treats isn't working. It doesn't sound aggressive (i am sure it sounds to non-dog people) and more like a warning or "i don't trust you". But if we are at the dog park, she wont bark to people who try talk to her or try to touch her and she will go sniff and take treats from them. It seems like it doesn't matter if the leash is loose or not and it doesn't seem like she would be protecting me or my mom either as she would rather run away than stay.

I don't need her to let others to touch her but rather to pay attention to me instead of the stranger and to stop barking and growling.

Then the peeing inside.

This is the spot we are stuck on. There is this one spot where she keeps peeing and it doesn't matter if there is or isn't a pee pad. We have been taking her every 2h outside and we have been trying to change it to 2 and half hours for a few weeks now but she just wont try to hold it in (except at night). She definitely can hold more than 2h and isn't peeing there at night even if she walks around the house to change her sleeping spot.

We have been thinking if moving something there to block her pee spot would help? I don't know how much washing the spot would help since her peeing there looks like a routine. The spot she is peeing on is next to her water bowl that is on a mat and i have been also thinking if moving the mat and water bowl to somewhere else and removing completely the pee pads so there would be only a empty floor space would help?

I need advice that isn't a crate training as it goes against my country's animal welfare law.

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