Barking for treats during training?

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Hi all! I’ve got a new Maltipoo puppy, Otis! He’s 9 weeks, we’ve had him for a week and overall he’s been doing pretty great.

He’s not super bark-y by any means, usually only if he feels left out or trapped somewhere, but I find most (but not all) of the time, when I bring out the training treats (chicken & turkey), he gets super excited and as soon as I start training, he gets insanely energetic and will bark as soon as I say the command word. Essentially, it seems he’s barking because he wants me to give him the treat right now instead of holding it away from him to do something first.

I don’t want to encourage barking by treating him (though he is doing the command)—any thoughts? Should I be tiring him out more with play first? We always play before training for that purpose but maybe he needs more? Should I be using less-appealing treats lol?

(p.s. this group has been a lifesaver and a huge comfort for me so thank you!!!)

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