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Hey y'all,

So i have a very… weird is really the only way to put it… question for everyone. My GF and I adopted a staffy/pitty mix a few months ago. Training has been going very well, except for a few minor things which arent really relevant to my question except for one item, which is that he whines a bit while we eat. We have taught him 'place' (he sits on his elevated bed until we release him), and whether we make him do that or let him just roam free while we eat, its the same, he can tell we are eating and whines across the apartment.

So I asked a friend of mine for some advice, he has owned several dogs who are very obedient though not well 'trained' persay (they dont know anything except the most basic of tricks, but are very good about obeying the commands they do know). His advice was to think about dog behavior, dogs 'communicate' to other dogs that they dont like something another dog is doing, particularly coming near their food, by growling and barking at them. He suggested the next time we eat, if our dog comes over to whine and beg, to 'bark' at him and that it will help him understand our boundaries. This seems… insane to put it mildly, but since he has a pretty good track record with obedient dogs, is there ANY validity to this or has he just gotten extraordinarily lucky with the dogs he has adopted and trained?

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