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So a bit of a background: I'm currently studying at university, so my mum decided to get a dog to fill that void I've made after leaving the house (jkjk). Anyway, she got this toy poodle puppy (she's just turned 1yo a couple of months ago) and she is extremely smart. Last summer i've taught her the main tricks like sit, lie down, stay, trained her to go on walks without pulling on the leash and at this point my family is getting pretty confident to let her off the leash while on walks.

HOWEVER, every time i talk to my mum on the phone, i always hear the doggo bark once in a while, but every time I'd ask my mum about it, she'd say that "it's not a problem, dogs do that". Well a couple of weeks ago I came back home and my mum had some friends over, and every single time someone would knock on the door, the dog would immediately start barking. So finally my mum had enough of it and admitted it's becoming a problem.

Training: so i tried to shut her up with treats. However, i think i've made a mistake at some point and now while i train her not to bark, she has this idea that if she demands the treat by barking, i'll give it to her. So it's just difficult to find that balance where i'm rewarding her once she stops barking, but also how do i reward her if she literally demands the treat by barking and then stops, expecting me to give her a treat. Anyway, I just need some advice on how I could train her not to bark unless asked. Fellow redditors, please help!

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