Barely had any accidents in a month, then pees on sofa twice in two days

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16 week old dachshund.

My dachshund has been excellent at house training since we brought him home. Rarely has accidents. And now that he’s 4 months old it’s almost a non event, it’s usually my fault because I forget to let him out. If an accident does happen he’s slinks if into the corner out of sight, makes sense! Yesterday for the first time ever he peed on the sofa. He’s never done that, and he’d been out for a toilet break recently before. It was very out of character for him, but hey, puppies right? Then today he jumps up and pees on the sofa again. Again he’d been out for a toilet break recently. At a loss as to what’s going on. It doesn’t feel like accidents, he seems to be doing it deliberately.

Any advice what to do or what’s going on?

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