avoiding accidents when leaving puppy alone?

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hi! my 4 mo old jack russell is currently being potty trained outside after using potty pads. she’s doing pretty well, but i know it’s because of me taking her out often and watching her like a hawk.

now that life is getting back to normal and restaurants are opening, i’d like to have a life though. i’m going to dinner tonight, will be home about two hours probably, but i’m so scared of her having an accident while i’m gone.

i use an x pen to section off a room in the house and will have everything she needs there, and i’m gonna ask someone who will be home to take her out on her leash to pee every 45 min to an hour while i’m out.

i’m wondering if while i go out and do these sorts of things i should leave a potty pad for her, incase she has to go and nobody has taken her out. will that confuse her or hinder her progress with going outside?

thanks in advance!!

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