Aussie Puppy doesn’t like being held?

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So we now have two Australian Shepherd pups. They are as opposite as dogs can get! We got them 5 weeks apart. The first, a female, is now 15 weeks old. She is affectionate, rough, but a love bug. Wants to be held, and loves being close to her people. She is leggy and skinny, and getting her to eat is a chore. She was for 6 weeks raised on a farm, very little handling and no kids. Her parents are working dogs, and used on the farm to herd the cattle. The second pup is a male, and LOVES to eat (will eat everybody else’s food, including the cat’s if he can) and is round, fluffy and super clumsy. He loves being near, but does not want to be held or picked up. We also got him at 6 weeks, and his parents were pets (not working dogs) and he was handled by the kids from the time he was born. When I hold him, he tenses up and struggles. He never relaxes when he is being held, and will growl at the kids if they attempt to pick him up. He tolerates being petted when I have him alone, but vies for my attention when the female is around (because she wants my attention). Any suggestions about how to get him to relax and enjoy being held and petted? I want him to accept that we are giving affection and not torture. I figure it stems from the kids handling him as a tiny pup (or maybe it is just his personality, who knows).

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