ATTN: New puppy owners. Items that REALLY helped me in the first two weeks

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I’m sure lots of these have been done and I know there is a checklist/buy list in the wiki. But these were a few things I found to be essential during the first weeks. Some are obvious like the crate and play pen, others I didn’t really see mentioned anywhere.

My partner and I are both brand new puppy owners so we tried to find things that would make the puppy experience easier. We’ve had our lil land shark for two weeks now! She’s such a handful, but a cute one 🥰 here are some items I found to be essential during the first two weeks. While I know some can be pricy, for me, they were worth it!

Cleaning: – lots of cheap $4 beige towels from walmart (great for our 8hr drive home, soak up accidental pee, dry her off after baths etc) – Advanced Nature’s Miracle cleaning solution. Smells great and is the holy grail for poop/pee accidents – steam mop. Omg I love this thing. I have all hardwood and tile so this has been great for cleaning up her sloppy drinking, dirty puppy paw tracks, etc. If she’s had an accident, I’ll clean up the mess, spray with natures miracle then go over the area with the steam mop. It dries super fast and you can also add a couple drops of essential oils to freshen up your house. I use the latest shark pocket mop that makes changing the mop heads super easy – pet vacuum. Any lightweight pet vacuum is a must to quickly pick up bits of leaves from outside, spilled kibble, etc

Bedding: – play pen – crate and divider + small crate bed – area rug for the pup to play on that you don’t mind getting chewed or peed on XD – soft blanket for misc uses – those heartbeat puppies (smart pet love brand). I really think this helps her with anxiety at night. We turn on the heartbeat so it will go through the night

Other: – various textures toys. We got lots of textures since we weren’t sure what she would like – treat tumbler like the Kong wobbler are great for feeding meals in to keep them occupied – bully sticks. These are also a lifesaver. They keep her occupied in the pen or crate or when we just to get her to calm down a bit – fish skins. Similar to bully sticks. Warning that they are super stinky lol but I think there are odorless variations – hands free leash. Great for keeping her tethered to me when I need to keep an eye on her but also get stuff done around the house – slip leash. Perfect for the drive home when we didn’t know what size collar or harness she needed. Also good to slip on them in a pinch – a treat mat/lick pad for the tub has reallyyy helped us during bath time – something similar to this is great. We load it with PB and the Kong cheese wiz stuff lol. Then stick it to the side of our bathtub at her height.

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