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So I tried the ignore and reinforce technique for attention barking. It created a behaviour chain.

Now what I'm doing is prevention. So I'm going to give more physical and mental stimulation.

I'm going to teach capturing calmness and maybe a place command.

But the main thing is ignoring. No reinforcing after. Just ignore the barking completely. I'll walk out of the room when I can.

Is this an effective strategy? I believe it will work. I've read a lot on here saying that it will get worse before it gets better because the dog knows that attention barking USED to work.

So the dog will try it even louder and more often for a little while until it completely realises that it doesn't work.

I have some questions though: How long should I leave the room and how long should I wait for him to be quiet?

Also should I reinforce him once I come back in the room? And should I reinforce once hes quiet?

I'm thinking I should wait for him to be completely quiet and for him to lay down. This could take a few minutes.

Any thoughts? Tips? Personal experience? All is appreciated : )

EDIT: Is there any negative effects with spraying him with a spray bottle? My family is saying we should do that instead of ignoring. I can't think of a single problem with it…

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