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I’m exhausted. I have a 12 week old German shepherd mix, and overall she is a wonderful puppy and we love her so much. But she hates being contained so so so much. We are trying to crate train her, and it just isn’t working.

The problem:

She screams bloody murder the second the door is shut. Like, not normal puppy crying, she sounds like she is dying. She digs and panics and it is truly awful. Nobody believes how bad it is until they hear it. It doesn’t matter how short or long she is in her crate, it’s the same. The only time she is okay is at night when she is super sleepy.

She has started being resistant when we go outside to potty. She won’t come back inside and has started biting out of frustration when we pick her up. I think she thinks she will go in her crate when she comes in.

She works herself up so much that she pees 50% of the time she goes in. It is never when she is tired, only when she is super worked up. It doesn’t matter that she peed immediately before kenneling, she still manages.

She is too young and doesn’t have her full shots and I don’t feel comfortable walking her, so she is limited to the exercise we can do inside and the yard. I’m afraid she isn’t getting enough stimulation. I play with her during much of the day and she does run around the yard a ton.

What I’m doing:

We have a crate big enough for her to stand up, lay down, and turn around in. We tried a bigger crate with a divider, but she peed every time.

I’ve given her a variety of toys and treats in the kennel. She is fine to go in the crate to get toys and treats and doesn’t fear the thing at all until the door shuts.

We feed her treats in the crate periodically all day

We put her in for short periods of time, never more than an hour during the day and two at night, and she only has a few daytime crate sessions.

I’ve tried building up the increments of crate time gradually from 5 seconds to 30 minutes ect, but she freaks out no matter what. There is no amount of time she is okay with it. I try to do these tiny increments every day with plenty of treats involved.

She is in a crate in a bedroom with the door closed. I’ve tried putting her in our room, but she never quiets down, even at night, if she knows we are close by. She only settles down if she thinks nobody is around.

I don’t give her attention when she screams, and don’t acknowledge her until she has gone outside to potty when I take her out. We praise her a ton when she goes in, but we try not to celebrate coming out. If we do give her attention or if she can see us moving around it makes it 100x worse.

Now… I know she is young and it might take time, but I reallly want to do this right and I feel like what im doing isn’t working. I have so much time to work with her right now and I feel like I’m still failing. Tonight, she was too wound up at bed time, and has been screaming for an hour and a half non stop. I can’t sleep, I already get up with her every two hours. I am so frustrated and I don’t want it to affect her.

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