At a complete loss for separation anxiety and pooping in the house every night.

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Hello everyone!

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my dog lately and I’m completely at a loss.

She is a 1.5 year old German Shepard / Staffy mix. We adopted her when she was around 7 months old and at that point in her life she had been bounced around three previous homes and two countries. She has some pretty severe separation anxiety that we have been dealing with. We know that her first owner worked at a hotel and would leave her alone for 8+ hours while she was on shift.

This month we moved houses, and she has started pooping in the house every night. She is completely house trained and knows how to ask when she needs to go outside. We feed her dinner before 7pm every night, and always take her out around 11-12 and assure she both poos and pees. But no matter how much she goes to the toilet before bedtime, she ALWAYS poops in the house. She sleeps in the living room by herself since we are trying to get her used to more alone time from us.

What’s worse? She’s started trying to hide it. She will take anything she can find and mash it over top of her poo. Socks. Boots. Papers. Anything.

As a rule we don’t yell, we give her a stern “no” and ignore her for a bit. She definitely knows she’s in the wrong because she looks very guilty from the moment we see her in the morning. It’s not fun for either party to start the day off like that.

We tried to crate train and not only did she poop inside of it but she somehow busted out of it. Metal crate was no match, and she tore through military vinyl.

We are desperate for something. We are tired of cleaning up poop every morning and finding our belongings stuck into it.

Her separation anxiety is terrible, and she will cry if even one of us leaves the house to go to the shop. If she’s left alone entirely? She will destroy the house. She’s broken locks, cleared off tables, shattered glass, etc. It’s exhausting and with the pandemic and no real routine of leaving the house, she’s used to us always being here.

We are at an utter loss and would greatly appreciate any help.

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