at 6 months is it unfair of me to keep pushing the kennel?

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My pup understands that the crate is her bed, and will respond to the "go to bed" command as such. But even when she obeys it always seems like she'd rather be anywhere else as she often falls asleep with her whole body pressed against the door of the crate. She's taken much more favorably to a small crevice under my bed that she can fit into, I didn't mind it so much until she started taking things she knows she's not supposed to have under there to chew. So I finally blocked all of it off today and she paced around the entrances and whined nonstop. Am I being cruel to my pup for trying to make her accept a den she doesn't seem to like? I feel this is a bridge that will have to be crossed because she'll most likely get too big to fit under there eventually, and she's knowingly misbehaving under there.

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