Are we engaging pup more than needed?

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We have a 6-mo. Aussie/Retriever/Misc. mix. He’s smart and high-energy, and we are still giving him about 100% of our attention when he is not napping. This is definitely draining for us humans, but I’m now wondering if it’s also not ideal for him and we should try to disengage for some awake periods? Any suggestions appreciated.

His sched: – overnight 10:30-6:30 – 6:30-9 out for potty then puzzle toy, training, fetch/tug, 20-30 min walk – 9-12 nap in crate – 12-3 do it all over again, except all kibbles given as training/behavior rewards – 3-6 nap in crate – 6-10:30 go to park or mini-hike, kibbles for training/behavior, usually a chew for last hr, short walk, then bed for the night. (sometimes he goes for another nap in his crate in the evening)

Crate is in our bedroom so he is away from us during daytime naps but with us as night.

All naps are enforced. Little guy has endless energy but will sleep when we ask him to go in his crate and then seems happier afterwards.

He goes to dog daycare 2x/week where he gets to play with other dogs.

He rarely chills on his own or entertains himself. He still gets himself in some trouble indoors and especially outdoors (e.g. eating mulch) when not watched.

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