Are there specific collars for hunting dogs or breeding?

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I’ll start this off by saying that we adopted a rescue who will not be bred, he is fixed now, and who will not be a hunting companion. He is a family dog who gets a lot of couch naps and plays fetch in the yard. The reason I ask is that our boy was found almost starved to death with a massive 3 inch leather collar with two large metal loops on it. The rescue knows nothing of his history but he is very sweet and absolutely beautiful. He is a Bluetick, possibly purebred, so an expensive dog. They held on to him for almost 2 months to see if an owner would come forward and no one did, so we adopted him. I’m working on training and I would like to see if his collar could give me a clue to his history so I can approach training to best suit him. He also prefers to drink from the hose or water spout so I’m think he had to be a farm dog/ hunting companion that followed his nose too far or a backyard breeder that escaped.

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