Any Reactivity Success Stories?

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I have a long ass post on r/reactivedogs with more details but TL;DR is I adopted a people friendly dog who is not people friendly (except me) after a few days. He’s lunging and barking when we see people. I live in an apartment so that’s a problem and we are trying to have a “chill-out” period but he does have to go out to pee. I’ve hired a trainer but the appointment is not for nearly a month and I am reading tons. I’ve emailed another trainer asking about a sooner appointment to “hold me over” until then but haven’t heard back yet.

Most of what I’ve read has not given me hope and has honestly stressed me out more about the future with him. It seems like most reactive dogs can be managed but not fixed.

I feel confused, frustrated and guilty that he is SO different at home & in public with people than he was in the shelter

Anyone here have a scared dog they adopted who went through a “reactive phase” then got over it?

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