Any other Californians struggling to raise a puppy in wildfire smoke?

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I live in the Bay Area and have an adorable 12 week old border collie/poodle mix that I brought home 5 weeks ago. I'm 24 years old and a first time dog owner, and I researched extensively to prepare for the pup – books, youtube channels, calls from friends and relatives who have happy well-behaved dogs. The pup is pretty awesome sometimes and I feel lucky that she hasn't made any house training errors. I'm proud of how hard she's working at training, but am exhausted from trying to find ways to exercise her properly… she doesn't move around a lot when we tug, and when we fetch she just chases the frisbee/toy/ball and then sits down with it. I've tried motivating her with treats, but she is either not at all interested in the treat or way TOO interested in it and the game turns into a training session. I can just let her run around outside, but for the last three weeks the air quality has been so bad that I get lightheaded just from being out there for a few minutes. My floof is only 20lbs, and it must be much worse for her. She gets sick from the air but doesn't understand that being outside is what makes her sick, so she gets angry at me when I encourage her to come back in, and will often be extra whiny/rambunctious afterwards. I feel like I'm ruining our bond by taking away the thing she wants the most. She is a super curious pup and loves to go and see new places and people, but between being a month away from her final round of shots and living in this awful smokey place, we can only do so much. I try to entertain her with indoor obstacle courses and hide and go seek, but I worry constantly that she's bored and angry at me. I'm also terrified she will be too sick from the smoke to get her next round of shots, and need to restart the whole vaccination series, which would be terrible for her socialization.

I have depression and got this pup as an emotional support animal to help bring some companionship and structure into my life. I hope she can keep me company on multi-week backpacking treks/maybe we can do agility together when she's big enough that her growth plates won't be damaged. But the adventurous, smart and active qualities that will make her a great companion in the future are making things exceptionally difficult now, when we need to hunker inside with my air filter. When we do play, she seems less and less interested in me unless I'm offering a super high value treat, and will actually dodge me when running by with her frisbee to keep it all to herself. I feel like she hates and resents me for doing this to her, and I can't blame her. Then I woke up today and the sky is orange, and there is so little light that it seems like nighttime. The pup is so scared of the sky that it's a nightmare getting her to go outside to potty, and she has been whining all morning. I feel like I'm hitting a breaking point, and like I made a terrible mistake taking this puppy when she could have gone to a nice family who had a giant yard with clean air, and not my shitty depressed self who is slowly ruining her.

I know this is long, circular and whiny. I'm just so worried about my pup in this terrible air, and the damage it will do to her long term health and our bond. I feel like I'm totally alone and am failing this amazing creature who deserves a lot better.

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