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So for context me adopted our lab/boxer mix when she was about 3 months old and we have had her for a little over a year now. We socialized her early on with people and other dogs, and I’m a teacher and was able to take her to the dog park every day in the summer.

She had a hard winter where she was in her kennel a lot and has really regressed. We have tried to course correct but her behaviors are super uncontrollable.

She will growl at us if we try to pet her while she eats, and if we go over to the house of someone even that she loves, we cannot have any food or treats or even toys out without her getting snappy.

She loves a few dogs that are in our family that she sees all the time, and gets along with them well. Even plays and has a great time! She loves her people she loves – HARD, big kisses and lots of snuggles!!! But if you’re a stranger, she won’t dare.

She has even met my brother a few times and will take a few treats from her hand before realizing she doesn’t know him and trying to lounge.

She’s so protective of us and fearful, and our vet has said that she shows the typical signs of a dog who has been abused. Our vet is family and has to sedate her when we go.

I say all this to ask: how long will training typically take to get her more comfortable? Also – when we are able to start better behavior training, am I keeping my expectations too high? I love my dog and would love to be able to take her over to places or have people over without having to worry and without her being afraid. She’s a great dog to those she loves and I wish the whole world could see it.

Is she going to get through this??

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