Any advice on how to train a 5-year-old husky that is becoming more aggressive?

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Hi everyone,

My family has a 5-year-old husky that has always had some form of territorial or possession anger. The issues usually arose when he had an object(sock or other forbidden items) or was being moved to an area.

I say used to as recently my family moved to Texas from India. I hadn't seen my dog in a year so I flew down to meet my family and him, only to hear he's been getting more aggressive, territorial, and has actually bitten the vet. I was amounting this to the stress from the move, but today I tried to pour him some water and he started showing me teeth and a slight growl. This was surprising as he has been following me around the whole week since I got here and been nothing but a gem towards me.

We tried to train him for years in India with professionals, but none of them were effective and we are going to find someone here too once Covid is a little less significant. I fear there are other reasons behind this and really want to prevent any further aggressive outbreaks. Do you guys have any tips on how to best train my dog to be less aggressive? We plan on neutering him soon, would that help reduce this behavioral issue? Thank you for any help!

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